By: Rachael & Andrew Reinhardt

Jake is a wonderful realtor who treats you like a close friend, not just a client. He is quick to respond to any and every question and GENUINELY wants the best for those who work with him. He’s friendly when he needs to be but aggressive and determined when it’s time to get the deal done- and that's exactly what you want. Would absolutely recommend Jake Nicolle.

By: Dina & Angelo Cavuoto

A big thank you to Jake Nicolle he went above and beyond to help us buy our dream house and sell our house as well which he sold way above asking 😊 . He had great insight and was very honest about everything. He was there for us through all the emotions and encouraged us when we needed it. And thank you again for the pizza dinner 🍕.

By: Ellen Klose

I reached out to Jake recently as my husband and I are both looking for a potential vacation home/rental property. We're still in the exploratory phase as we're not entirely sure this is the investment route we would like to take. I expressed on the call that this might be a premature conversation, and it may not translate into an immediate purchase, but Jake was attentive the entire time and continued to ask great questions to help refine our thoughts on our vacation home/rental property. He was not pushy at all. He made sure he took note of the things that we were looking for and even asked for pictures of what we would call ideal (I never had a real estate agent ask me to send a picture, usually the agent would send me a picture telling me this is probably what I want... or rather what I can afford!). From there, Jake took what I sent him and he got working within minutes and sent back a few properties to look at while we were still on the call. It was great, because we started to really discuss the like's and dislike's, and it was a very helpful exercise. Lastly, Jake gave a simple and helpful action step to take if and when my husband and I decide to continue to explore this route. We went into this conversation without a clear goal or action step, but we came out with one -- which is a great feeling. Overall, I am impressed with Jake's ability to be attentive, his professional approach, and his desire to personalize the experience so that it fits me and my family. We look forward to working with Jake as our Real Estate Agent and I recommend giving him a call even if you only have exploratory questions!

By: Evan Tamblyn

Jake’s passion for real estate is contagious and his work ethic is even greater. He is a reliable professional and I can tell that he ACTUALLY wants the best for me. He combines his knowledge from the real estate market, business, and design to be able to share recommendations that are really insightful and helpful. If you’re looking for an agent who will fight for you and not just mail in the effort, I can’t recommend Jake enough.

By: Josiah Shelley

I've known Jake for many years. Integrity, hard work, care and an inner drive for the success of his clients... Couldn't think of better traits you would want in your real estate agent.

By: Mike Klose

Jake is incredible at truly understanding his clients’ needs and finding solutions that fit them. He is knowledgeable, caring, attentive to the small details and will always have your back. I highly recommend using Jake as your real estate agent!

By: Victoria Kim

I would highly recommend working with Jake as your Real Estate Agent! He is profession, sincere, communicates clearly, knowledgable and strategic in the market and highly passionate and committed to finding you your dream home. You don't have to look anywhere else, he is your guy.

By: Daniel Ziedins

Working with Jake has been an amazing experience, really helped us out more than expected! He is professional, kind, and strategic. I would definitely recommend using him as your Real Estate Agent!

By: Sathiya Sam

Jake goes above and beyond for his clients. He’s not trying to “make a sale”, he’s simply trying to serve. Can’t recommend his services enough.

By: Shophan Daniel

Jake is a professional that works with honesty and integrity. He provides exceptional customer service for his clients. He is reliable and is always available for his clients/customers. He works to achieve your goals and will not stop until the client is of the best agents in the industry a.....highly recommended

By: Matt Soliveri

Jake Nicolle is without a doubt, one of the most driven and hard-working individuals I have ever known. Anything he puts his mind to, he will not only accomplish but also exceed all expectations. He is an honest person who wants nothing more than to help people achieve their goals. I would not hesitate for a moment to trust Jake with any of your real estate needs.

By: Scott Harris

Right away Jake is very warm and friendly with great professional and helpful demeanor. He knew the right questions to ask in order to determine our needs and guided us in the right direction, not only answering our questions but explaining the reasoning and process behind them. He helped us to understand and consider our options, even ones we hadn't thought of. There was never a hint of pressure or that we were bothering him with all of our questions (as my wife and I are totally new to the world of buying and renting). Jake's very knowledgeable and helped us each step of the way. In the end my wife and I decided renting for now was the best course, and I know the only reason we got the apartment of our dreams was because of his insight and expertise. We are so thankful for everything he's done for us and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for the best, most honest and helpful agent out there!

By: Andrew Thompson

Jake is one of the most determined, hard working, disciplined individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing over the last 8-10 years. Seeing his growth as a professional has been inspiring, encouraging, and I really wish there were more genuine people like him out in the workplace. What you see is what you get with Jake, and then he exceeds your expectations beyond what you would ask of him because that's just who he is. He takes great pleasure in helping others succeed, whether it is buying a home, helping them with their business, or just giving them any kind of encouragement he can to make even the smallest of differences in their lives. You cannot and you will not go wrong working with Jake. He's the real deal. Very highly recommended.

By: Fabio Marrama

When you're working with a great agent you want to work with an equally great person - Jake is that guy. He knows the intricacies of local communities and has a very strong marketing background! He's an extremely hard worker and will stop at nothing to ensure his clients have a memorable experience and positive result. That's someone you want in your corner when dealing with your most important financial asset.

By: Desmond

Jake is a charismatic leader who excels at everything he touches. His hard work ethic and love of people equate to experience you can trust and rely on. If you are thinking of making a move - do yourself a favour and give Jake a call!

By: Gideon St. Pierre

Jake is a top class guy who exudes professionalism, passion for success, and incredible drive. He’s incredibly easy to connect with and treats all those he encounters like a million bucks. If you’re looking for someone to work with for searching for your new home, connect with Jake!

By: Kenneth Jeyaseelan

I've known Jake for a number of years. He brings passion and energy to everything he works on. On top of that, his professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. If you're looking for a Real Estate Agent - give Jake a shot!

By: Rob Anzit

Jake is professional, detail oriented, and strategic. He listens to all your needs and puts his best foot forward to find you exactly what you want. I would highly recommend using him as your Real Estate Agent!

By: Paul Carleton

We would highly recommend Jake for selling your property. He will work tirelessly during the busy marketing period. His level of communication and genuine advice is fantastic through every step of the process. We would not hesitate in recommending him.

By: Shauna Cowden

Jake is passionate, dedicated, and puts his full heart into every project he takes on. You are in good hands with Jake when it comes to buying or selling your home… he doesn’t just want you to win, he does what it takes to make it happen!

By: Jesse Hamstra

Jake is truly great at what he does. I had such a positive experience on all my dealings with Him. Jake is professional, strategic and kind. I would highly recommend working with him as your real estate agent!

By: Richard Hillier

With Jake you're getting someone who cares and listens. His positivity, excitement and attention to detail makes every interaction with him a pleasure. I highly recommend using him as your agent.

By: Ross Young

Jake is the real deal - warm, professional, dedicated, and trustworthy. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a champion to walk them through the complicated world of homebuying. 5 stars

By: Selam Minassie

Jake is patient, hardworking, and very professional. Working with him is a pleasant experience, I would definitely recommend using him as your real estate agent!

By: Hillary Prankard

Jake Nicolle is very reliable, knowledgable, kind and professional! I would definitely recommend him as your real estate agent! :)

By: Mary Young

Jake is a lovely, kind and honest professional. Having someone trust worthy like Jake to walk you through your real estate journey is such an asset.

By: Paul Kalvaitis

Jake is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional individual who not only understands the business but more importantly how to work with people.

By: Ben Knechtel

Finally someone bringing authenticity to the real estate game. Jake is honest and professional.

By: Esbe van Heerden

Invaluable market knowledge from Jake. If you are looking at buying or selling, give him a call.

By: David Robbio

Jake is hands down the one of most honest, genuine and intentional people I have ever met! His passion for people and delivering high value service is remarkable! When you couple all these things together along with his work ethic … you have a winning recipe! If you are considering a move you would be foolish not to consider him for an interview!

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