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Real estate is my focus.

I put off becoming a Real Estate Agent for years for one simple reason. The idea of being a "real estate agent" gave me the creeps. I had always been an entrepreneur. I prided myself in being someone who loved helping people solve big problems. The last thing I wanted to be seen as was a salesperson trying to get a deal. Yet, beyond all the bad mental pictures of slimy agents, I still thought about real estate all-the-time. And it would take years before I would realize what I know today—the ultimate problem I get to help friends and family solve is—how to invest in homes that are remarkable financial vehicles and, more importantly, bring them unforgettable memories with their families and friends.

My story truly starts when I was 6 years old and my dad gave me a skateboard (a yellow bananaboard, to be exact). I was obsessed. I started going to skate competitions, competing and ending up with offers from brands like Volcom to be a sponsored skater on their youth team. Fatefully, at 12 years old I tore ligaments in my left knee performing a trick on a half-pipe. On the way to the hospital I said, and I quote, "Mom, how am I going to take care of a family as a pro-skateboarder if I end up hurt like this?". I was in Grade 7. Looking out the window of the car it hit me, "I know, mom. I'll be a pro drummer! I've already been drumming for 2 years, so I still have time to be the best in the world!". Deep down I felt like I was throwing away years of my investment into skateboarding and that some other kid, somewhere had a HUGE head start on me playing drums. Silly? Perhaps. I couldn't tell you why but I've always believed you have to be absolutely ALL IN on whatever it is you choose to do in life.

So, true to my word, I ended up touring as a pro drummer and between gigs I would travel to study with the world's best drummers. I quickly realized that drumming wasn't going to be enough. I wanted to own something for myself not be the guy in the back on drums. I started an online website called 180 Drums and hired the best drummers in the world to teach. This opened me up to the world of business and digital marketing. I started buying up online businesses that I could apply my digital strategies to, like DRUM!, a california-based magazine that I grew up reading as a kid (it was started the year I was born) and which I now own today.

I see today how all of these skills in business — Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Managing Large Contracts, Systems — led me to the place where I could feel justified in helping people handle the largest transactions of their lives. It was at this time I began dedicating myself to finding real estate I could buy as an investment, helping my friends find homes and investment properties, and working with people in my local community to secure their dream homes. I've found my place in the world and it's Real Estate. So since you're still reading this, here's what you should know about me—I'm going to be the most invested, honest and engaged real estate agent you will ever work with. How do I know? Because I fully believe one simple truth, "You can have everything you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want." And let me tell you, if your success, is my success, then you can know I'm going to take your success very seriously. So do me a favour, send me a message so I can learn about your story. I look forward to hearing it and for our stories to involve you reaching another level of success with the real estate you own.