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Meet Jake Nicolle

Jake Nicolle is an expert in helping coaches hit another level by erasing all the distractions and trendy strategies that pull them in a million different directions so they can focus on doing what actually works and is tried, tested, and true.

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Jake's Podcast

Jake Nicolle interviews individuals who have a track-record of achievement. He uses his Podcast to uncover the patterns for achieving great success by interviewing thought leaders, authors, and world-class creatives. 

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Jake has an incredible presence about him.

- Tony Robbins

Jake is the founder of Masterclass Coaches180 Drums, and Novel Podcast which collectively reach millions of students online. He is also the host of the Success Resources Podcast. Understanding how to leverage influencer marketing and joint ventures, he effectively catapults brands presence through the use of social media and online marketing without all the fluff and busyness.

Jake Nicolle grew up in Hamilton, ON, Canada as the only boy in a family of two younger sisters. His father an engineer and mother an artist, Jake learned to think both creatively and analytically in his childhood.

He decided from a young age that if he was going to do anything, he was going to do it from a place of ALL-IN and design a life that would be deeply rewarding and filled with purpose. His primary goal is to serve others.

His Fiance, Helen, shares that same vision for life. Born in Eritrea, she has a unique view of the world that has further shaped Jake's desire to connect people with their purpose and do so by thriving in community where ideas are tested, nurtured and developed.

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